What Parts ?

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hey all...i'm going to get an 5th gen accord and do a jdm h22 swap and go turbo eventually with it..what i need to know is what can you use from the accord to comply with the h22 ? i saw prices for the complete h22 for $ 2400 s&h, but the longblock are only like 1200 ( 1/2 sounds better to me ) and i dont want to have to buy a complete engine if i can get the same result by spending less money. Also if anyone has a turbo h22 what parts for building the engine do you recommend ? Any input would be gravy...TIA :D
I would recommend getting all the H22 parts because even if you could lets say use one of your old axles.... they most likely won't hold up the tq. of the H22! You also plan on boosting it.. then your stock motor parts wont hold that shit!!! Better to be safe than sorry! Gotta pay to play! Spend the extra dough! you will be better off in the long run!
You can use your stock Accord axles. I did, and they're fine. Haven't had one go yet. I'd be willing to be that if you went to NAPA, and asked for an Accord driveshaft vs a Prelude driveshaft, they'd give you the same part.

Anyway, just about everything from an Accord works in an H22 swap. There's a decent chance that some parts will be broken (my MAP sensor and distributor were hosed). You'll have to Frankenstein your driver's side motor mount (use the Accord chassis side with the H22 engine side). One of the two bolts won't line up. You'll either have to tap a new hole, or just run on 3.5 motor mounts, which I did.

You'll also have to do some rewiring if you're using the Accord wiring harness with the Prelude ECU. You'll have to switch pins A6 and A11, and one other switch that I'd have to ask my buddy on, cuz he messed with that and I can't remember for the life of me what he did.

Any other questions, give me a holler.