What Preformance Pistons Cad Do?

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What preformance pistons cad to do b18c5...
I mean whats a difference between new one and b18c5 that I have right now?
Whats changing if I will swap new once in it?
And the Valve Springs whats a difference between them? And should I get new Springs if I will swap new cams in?
the higher the compression, the more force that will be place on the top of the piston every time cumbustion occurs. this will force the pistons down harder which will make the crank turn faster and harder , which in turn will give you more power. that is basically what goes on.

yes you will need new valve springs if you upgrade the cams.
you don't have to change the springs out, it's recommended and you should, but you don't have to(depending on cam and application).