What Shift Linkage To Use?

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I'm putting in a b16a1 series into a 1993 civic sedan. What shift linkage do i have to use ?
Will a standard VTI shift linkage fitt ?

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grtz. CT
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Feb 25 2003, 05:34 PM
VTi's will work,but why do you want to put that motor in that car?

In the netherlands where i live the B16a1 is very easy to find.(These are found in the crx vtec an civic i-vt) The B16a2 isn't these are very scarce unfortunatly.
I live in Germany,we have em both.I got a 93 vti B16A2 and am using a 99 teg type R linkage and shifter the guy had lying around.But ya you can use either of them.Your going to have to do some converting of the tranny and the OBD 0 to OBD I.