What Size Injectors?

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I want to know want size injectors I shoul be using on a b18a with t3 @ 10 psi.
Haven't decide on fuel management, I was planning on using the s-afc hack, then later on getting hondata.
To run 450's, dont I need to get a different resistor box, because my integra will supply it with to much voltage or something of that nature? Are dsm injectors any good? Ive heard they were crap.

And how much hp could i get from a t3 (A/R of .42 on the cold side and A/R of .48 on the hot side) @ 10 psi on stock internals?
According to the math, and your stock ECU, you should use 330-340 cc and very little adjusting with the AFC. Dyno it for better results, don't trust your butt-dyno.
i'm telling you, run at least 440s.

you DON'T want to max out the duty cycle, and being a little over kill won't hurt you if you tune it out for a good idel