What the F*** is this?????????

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Hey, I found this part in a 91 civic I bought. It looks like a VTEC solenoid or something. I know the guy had a B16 motor in it, it's got a 2 wire plug with a green/black and a white or yellowish wire going into it. The wiring was a OBD-0 setup when I bought it, so I'm guessing it was still a OBD-0 car. Any help would be helpful.


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I'm just guessing on the VTEC Solenoid. It does look like a auto trans solenoid, but the guy never had a automatic. This was in a box of parts he gave to me, the car didn't have a motor or trans. in it, but he told me he had a B16 with a cable B16 trans. in it before. It could be a lot of things, but all I know is that it was on the car when he had the B16 swap, because he said.
looks like a d15b triple stage vtec almost. but yeah what he said ^^
I have seen one and only one in person.

you can find them on ebay sometimes, but i'm pretty sure they ran 2 plugs.
Yah I guess it is for an auto tranny. Weird, he said this was a box of parts from the B16 swap, I don't know?. If it was VTEC related I would be loaded. I found some good stuff in cars all the time. I found a Pioneer face plate, just the face plate, put it on ebay, a day later I'm $75 richer. I found a gift card for $75 in a car (never used). I found some random parts in a car, and sold all of them for $200, I bought the car for $500. Thanks everyone, anyone know what model it's from, maybe a 88-91 civic? Thanks.
Definitely not an 88-91 Civic; wrong plugs.

I don't think anyone has documented the different automatic solenoids, so you probably have to guess and check. Maybe came off the original B16?
I'll probably just keep it. You never know when you need it. As soon as I sell it, I'll probably need happens like that all the time. Thanks.