What the heck is

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88 C1V1C 53D4N DR1V3R
asmallsol Posted on Dec 17 2002, 08:04 PM
After every mod you shoud do this? Did not know that i will have to reset it tommrow (i doubt the former owner did it when he had it and i did not do it after i put exhaust on her)
yeah you should feel a difference. i did this after i had been driving my car with a cai and an aem cam gear. after i reset the ecu the power was a lot smoother. let me know what happens.
Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Dec 17 2002, 07:30 PM
another way to reset the ecu is to
1. start your car.
2. run until normal opertating temp.
3. shut off car.
4. remove the ecu fuse(15amp nearest firewall).
5. wait 10 min.
6. plug it back in.
7. start your car(whatever you do don't hit the brake or accelerator while you are doing this)
8. leave your car running(it is automatically resetting the ecu now(but if you press either the brake or gas it stops resetting itself)
9. once it reaches normal operating temperature again(about 5 min.) turn your car off.
10. start your car and you have a completely reset ecu.

do this after every mod. (CAI, Exhaust, Cam gears, underdrive pulleys...etc.) :D

you forgot to say . . . .skip steps 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

and step 4a should be . . . put the fuse back in a minute later
so all you have to do is take the fuse out for a minute and then your set? I did exactly what saturn_boy96 said, yesterday. I will see if it made any diffrance next time i get gas (i was getting crappy gas millage and running rich)

i think that it is littlebit smoother but not much, as long as it reflects by getting better gas millage and willl run more lean (been running rich since i got my catback)
damn, where the hell is the ecu fuse, I couldn't find it, but it's dark as shit.
at least on my sol it was in the other fuse box (under the hood not the steering wheel.) It is right next to the battery and is the one that was on the top left corner (15 amp) good luck finding it.
perhaps the wire is split somewhere... what kind of car / engine etc?
What car is this in?I see EJ1 is that a 94-95 coupe?It is here in Germany.When you put this motor in did you use the cars harness or the motors?Or a mix of both?Did the original have four or five wires for the o2 sensor?
heated o2 means its getting a bad reading or it is shot.
swap it with a buddys to see if it is in fact the sensor that is bad, or somethign with your car. thats the first step
checked the wires, they are fine, replaced the o2, still throwing code, checked the connection and it is correct.

EJ1= Chassis code for 92-95 Civic coupe

second gen B16 is the motor