What The Hell Is Going On With My Civic

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Capt. Orygun

Win the Day
hey, when my civic is warmed up I can rev the engine and when the tach comes down it goes down to like 500rpms. Then a clicking noise is heard that relembles a fart and the engine returns to normal idle. And it doesn't do it all the time. I heard it today after I got done washing it, then drove it home and tried to make it do it again but it woulnd't.

Sounds like you got a little water in the engine, probably through the intake but it shouldn't do it to much longer if it hasn't stopped yet
I thought water in the engine is a bad thing, your telling me it will just "go away"??
my car did that too, only after ive been driving it for quite a while. I fixed the tps setting and it was all good. Perhaps the iac valve is messed up?
it also could be a leakin head gasket, i had that happen to a freind and i was clickin and shit.......or..... it could be that it is low on oil, i had that happen to another freind.....or could just be water in the intake.....
water wont hurt the engine unless it is excessive a little bit acts like a steam cleaner in the top end blows out all the carbon