What To Do Before Geting Aturbo

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Ive Heard about people Saying "Don't Run A turbo on a car with stock internals!"

What exactly does this mean?
What should you do before puting a turbo on a B18C1 or a B16A2 to avoid detonation or melted parts? :blink:
stock engine on stock parts wont run very well, or long i should say, with a turbo .... you def. wont be able to run more than 10PSI safely for very long on a stock engine...or else the engine goes boom ... (heh) ....

you could get lower compression pistons, sleeves to help prepare for the added boost..youd need more if you wanted to run more boost though ...
im not exactly an expert on this ... but that could be enough for awhile, unless you plan on running insane power ... but also you would have to factor in the fuel system, head work, the turbo system itself, etc and then tune it to make sure everything is running efficiently and smoothly ....

but ive also heard that besides sleeves and LC pistons, connecting rods, blueprinting the engine (in extreme cases though ive heard), and some other bottom end work will allow you to push more power ...
you need a good quality head. Good cam profile for BOTH cams to match up proper turbo applications. valves that can resist high-temp heat, good retaining spring, proper cam timing, but mostly, breathing. Get a good port flow for BOTH ports. (this means port and polish) good intake and turbo exhaust manifold. second, a mid to full built block. sleeves will help out detonation, since you are going turbo applications, you don't need such a high compression, but not on stock internals, try a 10.5:1 or just 10:1 pistons, rods is a must, plus get a good holding clutch to not lag off speed.