What to put into an '88 Prelude 2.0 SI?

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Hi all,

I just picked up a 3G '88 Prelude 2.0 SI with a good head, but the bottom end won't turn over. I'm assuming the worst, and looking to swap an engine into it. What fits? I'm sure I could find another identical motor, but is an Accord bottom end of the same vintage identical? Could I grab an Accord bottom end cheap and swap the head? Or is there a better swap? Also, what is the engine code for the '88 2.0 SI ?

not much fits man... your motor is a b20a. its not like any other b-series motor... so parts dont swap like the rest.
im not sure baout the accord motor of that gen.

you are pretty much limited to getting another b20a

people HAVE swapped in b16's into that gen lude, but its not easy and is not a direct bolt in.
my ex's dad built the hell out of one of those engines to give to his son, i think it is in an older car though. He had it put on a dyno for break in, and to see what it could do before he put it into the car. At the time i hated imports, and i was suprised to see this kind of numbers.

232@7800/174@6000 at the crank

I don't know what all was involved but heres what i know. The head was fully ported and polished, and his friend who works at a regrind shop made him a cam for it. I don't know specs, but he said it was about as big as a type R cam, and to install it 6 degrees advanced to make it a little more responsive down low. He had a full custom exhaust, and a short ram intake, i don't even know if it was for the car, he got it from one of his sons friends when he got a CAI, and it fit. The displacement to make power is there.
Thanks for the replies; I was afraid that the motor was unique to the car. No biggie, I'm sure there're more Prelude Si's floating around. The one I have is an auto, so I'd rather find a stick hit light in the front and swap sheet metal.