what type of suspension?

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shit i wish i had the money for the teins, i just want something good enuff for right now. maybe someday in the future ill go with a true suspension set up, a full tein coilover set up, maybe
well for a descent price I think a set of neuspeed sport springs, matted with either kyb agx's or koni adj will suit ya just fine. springs are about $130 from alljdm.com. and the shocks are about $85-$120 ea.
then you're only 300 away from tein ss's :) i'd just save for those meng
ya i figured about 750 for a koni/eibach set up so i decided i will go tein. :p
well, i thought teins were more expensive than that, how much would a whole set up cost me? If its only like 300 more ill just save and get the good shit.
the pillow mount isnt "needed" but its a good thing to have ... it gives the top part of the coilover a much more stable/solid mount (steel or aluminum Vs. rubber) it will give more precise handling and better road feel (the ride will be somewhat rougher)
and on some cars ( not hondas :( ) the pillow mounts allow camber adjustments
i may or maynot get one eventually but i will start out with the teins.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Nov 6 2002, 10:02 PM
SS's are the cheap model for teins... the ha's are 1500 with PBMounts and the N1's are 1700

the ss's are the same as the ha's minus the helper spring, the ss's are a direct replacment for the ha's.. so, they are not that "cheap".. still 16 way adjustable shock w/ride height adjustable spring..