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I just bought my first honda its an 88 civic dx hb and has a 1.5 Dpfi. I would like to swap to a DOHC with as lil trouble as possible b/c I am far from a mechanic so any help you have would be greatly appriciated.
do i have to change my wiring harness for that zc? and what do you think shipping would be to ms?
Hey i am kinda new to this site but i use to have a 89 civic hatch dx and i put DOHC zc motor and you do have to modifiy your wiring hrness a little bit but its not all that hard
hey guys i just bought an 89 crx si and i'm going to put that into the 88 hatch how much trouble is it to change from DPFI to MPFI??
It shouldnt be that hard. There is a little box that you need to hook up for the injectors, you need a new ecu, and you need to modify your harness to fit two more injectors.
Originally posted by HenryOng074@Dec 22 2002, 12:29 AM
just use the wiring harness off of the si motor

Obviously you have not done an mpfi swap. Get the distributor plug and the ijector resistor box and injector plugs from an si harness. You will also need the si distributor.
Originally posted by dlrlshmafla@Dec 19 2002, 02:21 PM
do i have to change my wiring harness for that zc? and what do you think shipping would be to ms?

No you don't have to change the wire harness! It's just nice to have a complete uncut harness though. It's around a 22 wire conversion in a 4th gen civic dx to ZC!
i got the si motor in and i'm having a little trouble with the harnesses i couldn't use the harness from the si because i found that it had quite A FEW BURNT WIRES i salvaged a few plugs and got somemore from a local junkyard i think i have most of it correct but i need a wiring diagram for an 89 crx si .
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 24 2002, 03:44 AM
#1- start your own thread.
#2- read our articles secion. there are 4th gen pinouts there

He is the one that started the thread
#1- Ignore me
#2- I'm an idiot

lol sorry... it sounded like a new thread and i didn't remeber who started it
lol *shrug*
i tried to leave the si harness on the motor. would it be easier if i took it off and went with the dx harness b/c i have already installed the injector resistor box and wired for the 2 extra injectors. P.S. thanx for all the help and i hope you all have a good christmas...
If you can get the dx harness to work for you then go for it,if you got it wired up then what's the problem?
my problem is that all the swaps i have found show or tell you how to change the manifold for the dpfi to mpfi swap but none tell how to swap the whole motor and i have a couple left over harnesses i cant figure out. sorry if my questions sound a little dumb but this is my first time doing anykind of serious work to a car i was just told that this was gonna be so easy that anyone could do it...
Not dumb just unsure and that is a good thing,the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.Unfortunatly I haven't done this swap,BUT i can tell you that,on my swap I got to the end of the harness and had a couple plugs left over because they use different ones.One was the o2 and the other was the egr(?) I left em alone and plugged up the vacuum bungs and everything is peachy.Someone here has the info you seek just give it some time or post a info specific thread.
Originally posted by kylemarhx@Dec 19 2002, 02:17 AM
if you're cheap: DOHC ZC
if you've got 'bout $1,500: B16A SiR

If he's far from being a mechanic, he shouldn't even try the B16 swap.