what woul d you do

  • 2. keep the cx swap in a gsr and fix it up a bit

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  • 3. buy a chevy.....

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my cx has some problems tho but nothing a new motor wouldn't fix... plus it has some rust but going fast looks good!


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keep the CX fix the rust and swap in the GSR .... or keep the rust add to the sleeper effect


I had a similiar dilemma, but pretty much everyone said the same thing...fix what you got...unless it is not worth fixing...a little rust won't hurt! :p

LS Turbo for around 6K...moderately done?

90 accord

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i wish i was getting 5000 bucks soon, but no, i gotta work at mcdonalds, making 5.75 an hour and werking 35- 40 hours a week, it's hella gay.


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Here there a CX with an ITR engine with a few mods... running 13.8's :)

A healthily modified GSR should be able to pull off the same stunts. More power to yah! 8)


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i m going with skunk 2 parts allmost all the way cuz i can get em at cost :) i thinking about getting skunk2 exhaust, cam gears, intake manifold and coils. i also newed new tires and struts too and a cai. i know i m going to spend over 5 grand on everything but it's worth it:)