What Would Be A Decent Swap For F/i

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Hey all first time posting here. I am from Honda Hookup and Superhonda.com but anyways... lets cut to the chase. I have a 1998 Civic LX 5 speed. I have several mods done here and there but soon I am planning for an engine swap. I'm only 16, school is beating my ass right now, I have only birthday cash and summer job to rely on. I have been thinking b18b, revhard stage 2 turbo kit, apexi safc, aem fuel rail and cam gears, apexi n1 exhaust (already on). I want to get into mid 13s but I need your opinions and help. Let me know if you have another idea that would save me cash or something.

Note: Just because it's a 4dr doesnt mean it's heavy, my car actually weighs less than the EX coupe/sedan, and probably the DX too after new wheels and some other stuff removed here and there. Not trying to be cocky but it's true :)


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Lol, the kit would come later on in the year, possibly around christmas, all the other upgrades listed would be obtained over the summer more than likely though.


ls/t owns you for the money :)
but dont bother with a fuel rail- worhtless. get injecotrs instead.
http://www.ks-motorsports.com cheaper/better turbo kits than revhard by far.. but it is a more do it your self type kit. its up to you if you want to put the work in to save a G and get better parts in the process.
also comes with hondata and not a gay a/f controller safc pos thing :)

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holy crap, i just went to that site that pissedoffsol posted, my sweet ass, i'm gonna start suggesting that to everybody, i mean a intercooled t3/t4 kid w/ tial wastegate and hondata standard...... and aem ems for only $750 more (if your engine tuner status is upgraded already to 'baller') you can't go wrong, that's sick