what would you guys do with this kind of money?

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Here's what I would do.

Stick the max amount into in IRA you can.

Put the money into a cd or another investment. I know cds don't pay much but it ties the money up for a while so its not burning a hole in your pocket.

IF you can't decide what to do, don't spend a dime of it.
IRA Means you can't touch your money. CD is shit. You are better off with capital one 360 aka ING DIRECT. Which I believe is .85%? Return. You could also put some of it into s money market/mutual fund. They can earn 5-10% a year if you get really lucky. 1-4% is more common.

Save your money. Keep it somewhere where it earns something and take your sweet time on getting into something. this audio/friends business sounds worse than getting married to a stripper you met last week that has an awesome stash of white powder.
Everyone on HS should pitch an idea to taco and taco can choose who to invest in.

I'm going to start up a hood removal company, I'll find a bunch of dumb ass idiots and charge them a fee to remove their hoods.
My suggestion is for him to get into business with his photographer friend and have model session with hot girls only. Then post the nudes on here.
Should Taco invest in you to buy another site, or should taco buy HS from you?
he needs to sell 2 more ghosts for me to entertain the offer :D

I'm always down to partner/manage, i just have no captial to get in to anything else
Capital one is .85% on balances over 100k
.75% for savings and lower limit checking accounts if i remember correctly.
semi secure holding until you figure something else out.
Hookers and blow FTW!
best one so far. lol.

Jeffie, Dickstate would be your first and best customer. by the way WTH happened to that guy, he still around?

The more I think of it I'm leaning towards just buying a new daily and save the rest/add to it for a house.....or a lambo. whichever. lol
Wow GE capital bank is .95% no minimum. Nice! Currently have money in capital one 360. They should follow GE and up their rates.
Become a day trader! :p
Start a company called DIT pickles, Ian and taco.

You put up the money and they will mine Bitcoin