Whats a difference in Hydro and Cabel Trann?

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Yea whats a difference between Hydro and cable Transmission.
I know that Hydro give you more HP.
But whats a real difference?(I mean how does they work and whats a difference?)
I did drive Cable once before ,but whats a differents in Changing gears? or is there any? :spin: :spin: :spin:
The difference in how they actuate the clutch... one uses a hydraulic system and one uses a cable. That's it. Performance is the same between the two, with all other factors held constant.
the tranny doesn't gve yo moer pwoer- the motor does.
if you are tlaking b16a's you see:
1st gen, 160 horse, cable
2nd gen, 170 horse, hydro

and thats why you think the hydro is more pwoerful, when in reality its the motor that is slightly different.

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