What's Really Better?

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I've seen many accord hybrids with h22a and not so much with F20B....a couple nights ago my guys swapped a F20B fully built in turbo applications in a accord. It was powered my a Trust R1 running 18-24 lbs. It ran against a H22A accord turbo equiped with HKS GT2835 Pro S Turbo. they ran side by side, but the second run, the H22 was pulled by one car. so did the third tiem....so which is better?
i dont think that you could pay me to pick an f20 over my h22, maybe thats just me though...you dont know what both of them had, as far as full buildup is concerned, so its hard to compare the two, as far as which is better, could be the driver, could be the tuning, never know man
F20B's only came OBD2 (as far as I know), so there's one downside.
You're missing two-tenths of a liter of displacement. That's bad, mmmkay?
It's a great engine, but I don't think it's worth the extra cash (sometimes $2000 more) and hassle when you can get an H22 for a fraction of the cost and have the extra displacement.

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the f20 only cost 2000....the trust R1 really hit hard on the F20 during second gear, you can really hear that thang. The F20 did take out the H22 on 1st to third gear, and the H22 ran up side by side during 4. I think the h22 lags out on low ends, then sends up quick on the high....good for a chaser.....the only disadvantage i know about the F20 is that gas and oil are a problem...that thang isn't gonna make you save money.
Its pretty much all in the build up and the H22 has a lot of aftermarket support compared to the F20 so it would probably be easier to build, but that sounds like an isolated case and there are too many variables in that case alone to say which is outright better.
:blink: Hey guy, i thought the h22 had about 161 for torque and the f20 had about 4 less.
that might make a little diffrence...