Whats This Guys Problem?

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I'm a loser who has nothing better to do on a weekday than troll Hondaswap. This includes finding a job and/or working. I'm going to go back to my hole now and contemplate how to remove my head from my ass.


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For 1, you are a fucktard for calling the owner out and i'm sure you will be banned also. That dick rebel (if that is who you are talking about) was banned b/c of how he came off and the shit he would say. He was a dick, so he got banned.

Other than that.. wtf are you talking about?


my problem is idiots harrassing me.

get a fuciking life.

learn to ask politely if you want something.
not y0 - my shit is fast.

gorw up, and get the fuck off my board if you can't.

this is your first and only warning.

Not open for further replies.