Whats With People Who Have Stock Engines

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seriously the more I read the board the more people I see whose cars are bone stock and they have screen names like b18hatch or turbogsrEK or 300hpH22coupe or whatever other stupid thing they could think of. If your name represents your car fine but if you don't have that in your car why would you make it your screen name?
What if thats what their working towards, or are in the process of ??? Its just a name, did you drive at one time a stock honda and swap the engine, or do you still drive it stock ?
yes my car was stock and now i have a swap but I don't have a SN of b18bDX or b18coupe do I? Plus maybe they are working towards a swap but half teh time they have changed what they were doing and it doesn't even fit the name anymore. I just seems dumb to me i dunno
I don't drive a Plymouth Prowler. Who cares....
i dont think "cockstronghalfablocklong" is being acurate with his name either ......


its just a name


Also, my sol is no smaller than any other del sol It actually seams bigger then most because it is a mOnsTer truck edtion.
yeah i dont actually have a del sol si any more either.... the only mechanical part still from the del sol Si is the clutch master cyl
yah, i just made up this sn to amuse myself...j/k, but really, who cares what a person sn is...thats the whole point of a sn, to be someone you're not...
this is gonna be a shock to y'all but i actually chose my SN because i eat alot of rice! :D there are no stickers on my car. i dont have a wing or bling bling wheels. all my mods are decent. no ractive, apc or matrix stuff (see my sig). i do have racing pedals and a bling bling shift knob though...oh and a chrome tip. hmmm maybe i am a riceboy ;)
why does it matter, don't worry about names cause its not what this site is about, my cars not a hybrid, but it'll still own yours, i like the sound of mine, so sue me
i thought my car was fast with a b16a built but now that is blown i just have a stock dx motor i guess ill just change my name i know the 1.5 isnt fast. haha
i have ONE car

it has alot of ZEX parts

it happens to be a CRX
BAKER-----> you bake donuts? bake cakes? bake engine oil to your motor? what a fag, Representin Vicious Racing High Performance Motorsports and Team Vicious, Sacramento!
i played baseball against a tony ruggerio from seymour connecticut.

you wouldn't happen to be the same person?
haha. i think baker backed out on this post. my sn is my name with an 'o' at the end for no apparent reason.