where can i find the older topics??

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where can i find the older topics?? I know I read about d16z6 swap into a 91 civic but I can't find it.. I tried search but had no luck.. I'm sure it was on this forum too.
as you know honda swap had a complete make over about a month ago and all the old forums were lost
Hey all! I'm a noob here and I need some help. My 88 Accord LXi keeps throwing a CEL. The car runs great and just passed emissions with no problem, but the cel keeps coming on. I can't find the connector to jump to read the code. Could someone help me out here? Where is it? I heard that the ECU might have lights on it too, but I looked at the black box behind the center console and no lights. That is the ECU isn't it? This is my first chance to work on an accord. I just refurbed it for my daughter to use. I had an 83 CRX for about 10 years and just loved the heck out of it. All that car ever needed was gas and oil changes in 200,000 miles. Ok, ok, a clutch and brakes too, but thats it. Other than the clutch cable bracket breaking once, it never let me down. The best darn car I ever had!