Where is a good place to get a motor?

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Well Try as I may, there are no motors that would be an upgrade to put into my 91 civic si. I live in MN about 15min away from Frog town and St. Paul so it goes with out saying that I don't think I will ever see a motor for sale cheap around here if I ever do come across one....There are no deals on any cars that I could yank the motor out of either? But who knows, So I was wondering if you guys could help me out and point me to a few websites that sell motors or what ever you think could help me out would be great. Thanks.
Just try to find a newer civic si in the junk yards and take the b16 out of it. Or even a del sol's b16 motor. Since you are pretty much out in the sticks and the guys who own these junkyards most likely wouldn't know what they have. If you are patient and keep searching eventually you will find one somewhere out there! I guarantee if you are patient you might even find a GSR there and get a real good deal from one of these backwoods junkyards!
I know of one that sells motors real cheap, but they have to pull them and you can only buy just the motor and then just the tranny or something stupid like that, and after a while it just wouldn't be worth it, oh yeah and if it doesn't run, your SOL So I just am going to have to bite the bullet and buy one already pulled...
its some junkyard in summerset, WI also theres another one in the cities thats called U-Pull-our parts and all parts are cheap there if you can find anything....
HMOTORSONLINE i would say im gettina b16a for my crx for 1150 and mounts an linkage for 1800 shipped to my door... with 100% start up gaur. and no broke sensors... all my friends from FLorida got them from him and all have had no complants... well worth it
got my engine from them ... havent put it in yet but it tested and looks great
what kind of driving do you plan to do ... and do you plan to turbo it ?
I was thinking of putting a turbo on, but that might never come true? Maybe just throw on a Nos Kit or witch ever kit, and I'm more of a road race going fast kinda deal, not really intrested in going 0-60 more like 30-100...Thanks for the help :worthy:
well if you boost it you want an ls tranny ... otherwise get a GSR ITR or SI tranny .... the gear ratios are listed on this site