Where To Buy My Motor?

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Hi, i'm in canada, i would like to know where would be the best place to buy my motor?
I heard that Osaka is maybe too expensive and not the best, and that Jspec Auto they sell bad motors. Anyone from Canada has a idea where i could get a good motor? I'm look for a H22A JDM and i'm in Montreal, Canada.

i would like to have some canadian resellers because of the shipping fees.

Thank you for your help. :blink:
hey my brother just got a b16a2 from osaka motors and it only took 6 days but i also live in New Brunswick too
I would suggest,if you're going to get the motor from Osaka or Jspec,in light of their past dealings,make the trip to inspect and look at it first.It would be better to be able to pick the one you want and check the condition before laying out your hard earned money,or just order one from a reputible vendor in the states.
Are you sayin take a trip to Japan? Cause that's crazy. Call up 1-888-JDM-PARTS or jdmpower.net he's got good prices.
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Mar 24 2003, 10:31 PM
Are you sayin take a trip to Japan?

No,he is in Canada and wants to find a distributor in Canada.Unfortunatly the main ones in Canada haven't gained a good rep,and I am suggesting he take the time to go to them and look at it.