where to get swap in virginia

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hey i am new to this site but i am also in the navy and live in va beach. as far as where is a good one in va. my opinion wouldn't really help since i haven't gotten mines yet. however there are plenty of places in tidewater area. direct performance, performance auto salon, millenium auto sports in portsmouth, va those are just places i know of but you would have to do ur own homework on how good they are. let me know if you need numbers.
yah that would be kool i'm stationed in dahlgren virginia but fredricksburg so i don't know how close any of those shops would be close to me but if u had some #'s that would be helpful
aight well i really don't know how far that is either but remember that i said i have not dealt with them on that level. i have purchased some shit here and there but not something that critical.

performance auto salon: 757-431-8848
direct performance: 757-456-2473
millenium auto sports: 757-488-4909
good luck and let me know wassup i am looking to do an h22 swap in to my 96h/b what you think?