Where To Order Motors

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any places i should stay away from , when ordering my motor, how about any place which you guys reccomend and that you guys have ordered from before (i am in northern va),,, i am about to order from jdmpower.net... have you guys delt with this guy before? thanks a lot
Originally posted by NIMO@Jan 29 2003, 08:25 PM
There is a lot of companies that sell them try nippon-motors.com...

You are obsessed with nippon aren't you?
Is not that is just that I buy all my stuff through them because they're around the corner from my house, and I get to see everything they have in their warehouse, and seem to know a lot.
I'm thinking B18C5 from www.hmotorsonline.com anyone have anything to say about them as far as what to expect and if I'm making a mistake? Who's dealt with them? All feedback I get is good as this is my daily driver, thanx.
(so. cal) :spin:
but just an FYI- i dont think they sell c5, only jdm spec R's

99% of b18c5's are stolen anyway