Which AEM cold air intake for CRX/JDM b16a?

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I've got a CRX with a JDM b16a. AEM sells a cold air intake for this combo. They call it their "hybrid" made specially for the CRX/b16a but it only comes in a polished finish. I wanted a blue one.

Has anyone bought the hybrid one? I haven't seen a good photo of it and I don't know if it goes around the battery and down through the fender or if it's the one that stops right at the side of the battery.

Also, I know I've seen other CRXs (b16a) with blue AEM intakes but I don't know which one they bought.
Thanks for the input. I really don't want to mess with engine mounts and such. I also don't like the filter end reaching down that far. The car sits too low for that to be a very good situation! I think I'll get the Si version.

That way I get the blue one and a whole lot less work