Which B16 Into 89 Hatch

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newb to hondas. want to upgrade the stock motor. cant afford B18 swap. Dont know honda lingo very well yet. need some yoda type guidance here. want B16 but dont know which one to use and how to install. I am familiar with old domestics and this is a whole new ball park for me. please help!!!! Thank you. :blink: :worthy:
This will be an NA motor. Daily driven. This is a first project. Didnt find what i want in search. Looking for actual facts with some editorial spin on it. What worked for who, what was easy, which is still working, not going to break the bank, dont want strokers. I also may eventually use some laughing gas.
way too many people have gotten fucked over by osaka
incomplete swaps
broken shit on the motor
bent rods
gouged cylinders
sludged up heads
several months for delivery

the list goes on

for what you will spend getting the POS they send you up to spec you will have saved money going elsewhere
i suggest http://www.hmotorsonline.com talk to steve he will take good care of you
the prices are good and you get the full swap no sensors broken, no missing bullshit, none of the issues you get with osaka
same goes for every company though... just go on crxpower.net and ask cincyrex and a few others about hondamotorsonline.com ... if osaka fucks up they fix it, it's impossible to be 100% perfect