Which Cam Gears Are The Best?

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Im torn between the AEM cam gears and the Spoon, which are better? Any other cam gears that provide the best result, $$$ not an issue.


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1st off, for what application? if it's B series, you got more (better) options.


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here's my experience with cam gears...

spoon/toda are badass...as you get what you pay for!

now, skunk2 gears work well, although under extreme conditions the gears can sometimes expand, causing the timing belt to become tighter and this can cause a motor to seize, bad!!!!!!!!!!

but this is in rare conditions, and unlikely to happen, although i'd check the tension of your timing belt from time to time...

aem gears...yes i worry about them slipping, however when torqued correctly they can be reliable...

for a daily driven setup i'd go with skunk2 gears. personally, i'm going with toda cam gears when i have the money, of course there are others out there including endyn and str which are also supposed to be good. i can't comment on these, because i've never used them.
What kind of motor do you have?

Any kind of motor i still recommend you to get JG cam gear.
They have the best cam gear. That shit put hard!!!


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I highly recommend Toda's....it's so simple to adjust and gives you the right output on how you want your cams to run.


Jun,Toda,Spoon :D


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just another factor, u want ones that utilize or have the same "teeth" as the OEM cam gear.

Toda works for me btw


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Go with Skunk2 that don't cost you nearly as much as spoon and they have 6 bolts. I have one on my car and would highly recommend it.



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the only issue with the skunk2s is that the bolt heads can strip if your not careful .... you shouldnt really be fucking with them all the time any way though ... just get it tuned ... set em and forget em... or replace the bolts with better ones


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Darivative---> yeap, them Jun works very well, i had a pair until i rebuilt my head and replaced it with todas....


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I got a B18CR, i dont care for price, which is the absolute best? JUN, Spoon, Toda, Skunk2?


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don't care for price eh.....TODA!......if you want some power too, get the spec c shafts.....very simple to adjust.....on move it right to retard, and left to advance.....