Which Engine?

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i have a 92 civic cx and im gonna swap b18b. i own a 95, ls 5 speed engine and have the option of trading it with a 95 auto engine or 97 ls 5 speed engine, what should i choose? i heard to put an auto engine in all you have to do is change the fly wheel, clutch, trans and use a manuel ecu. i heard that autos have different vacume hoses and redine. and if i put a 97 in will the swap be the same as the 95 b18b. ive heard so many different stories, someone pleace clear this up for me.
keep the 95 LS .... it will work without wiring issues
autos have shitty cams in them so fuck that engine ... and the 97 will need some wiring mods ... if your comfortable with that then do it otherwise keep the 95