which head is better and will get more power gain

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I have a b18b looking to see if the b16 head or the b20 would give me more power gains , from what I am readign the b20 flows better and it will give me more power gain .What I am looking to do it get 180hp with out going vtec or turbo , any suggestions . and pls Guys not smart ass post .
Yeah maybe you should read a little more cuz if your not wanting to not use vtec you shouldn't of even listed a b16 head as one of your choices. Or if you really wanted you could use the b16 head and just unhook the vtec solenoid but that would be dumb. So out of the 2 heads you want to use you would use the b20 since you dont like vtec which again in my opinion is dumb.

You could make an all motor B18 with high compression pistons and go toda or crower. Why dont you like having vtec cams?