Which Intake Would Fit Better

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I've got a b18c1 in a '94 civic, I'm wondering which AEM Cold Air Intake would "fit" better. I've seen a civic intake on a b18c1 swap before, and it needs a little "engineering" to make it work, because the intake manifold is in a slightly different spot. Would an integra cold air kit fit better? I guess the question becomes is the intake hole on an integra different than intake hole on '94 civic. Or should I buy a different cold air intake?
i dont mean to be jacking someones post, but i had this same question, i have a B18C1 in a 91 CRX, anyhelp would be appreciated.
Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@Jan 29 2003, 05:55 PM
i dont mean to be jacking someones post

then dont ;)

as for the 94 ... get the CAI for the GSR 5th gen civics and 3rd gen integras have pretty much the same engine bay
If anyone has experience with this swap and intakes, I would love to hear your story.