Which mounts?

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I wanna be sedated
Ok I need some opinions about aftermarket motor mounts,preferably from people who have used them.I've contacted a few places and prices all seem about the same.Does anyone have experiance with Hasport,Place Racing or Madavi Motorsport?Not that it really matters,but they are going for a b16 into a 5th gen.And yes I know I can use the stock,I already am.
The thing is,from what I've been reading that the mounts may be the reason my axle is screwed up.If I have the wrong one somewhere would I be able to tell by looking at the mounts and the way the engine sits or could the difference be obsure to the eye but enough to cause damage?The two that I didn't get were the bottom stabilizers,I used my drivers side but the passengers didn't line up.Like I said in my post before,it was fine for a few days and then it just started thumping(drivers side)when I wasn't on the throttle.I just ordered new axles and don't want to take a chance that something is out of whack and be wasting money.