Which would you rather have.

  • 1999 eclipse gst

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  • 1997 integra

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If you could get financing which would you get... i may be able to get financed with a cosigner.... and just want pls opinion... but i may not get it i have some collections in the past... wish full thinking...
hmmm i wonder which one i would get???

lol, go with the :)worthy:) Ls for sure. its got the most potential out of those 3 imo
Go for the LS and boost the shit out of it! The 2nd gen eclipses are a bitch to work on! Its a pain to even put shocks and springs on them! Gotta basically remove half the control arms! And V-6 mustangs are pieces of shit! Straight up!
i just read the post a little better.. if i financed 9gs id get a 5g hatch and do a killer b-series swap. ls/t, cr/t, typer, built gsr, the possibilites are endless!@# forget the ls teg, imo :)
This is a Honda board, why would you include the Eclipse and especially the Rustang V6 as options?
well i posted those because the used hondas at the only dealer ship that would try to finance me. and the only have one used honda, and it is 2001 4 door civic... that an i have a honda that im doing a motor in i want a second car for daily drivin... i found lots of integras but im not looking to swap a motor in something... i found a 97 type-r for 8000..... the mustang and the eclipse are the only other cars they had besides old fart cars.... so my options are limited... when you have bad credit.... oh well... as far as it being a honda board when did discussing things with ppl abt other cars become a offense.... when i do own a honda and am building up my honda... whats wrong with opinions abt other things... ?
It's not any other cars, just the Rustang and the Eclipse. Get a Nissan 240SX, an Infinity G20, a Mazda of any type. There are lots of cars that you could drive daily that are not one of the two listed. G20's are cheaper than 9k and I know they run well.
the ls, hands down, fords and mitish. break a lot