Why does my car have..

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Green on the scene.
.. a power lock fuse in the underdash fuse box if my car doesnt have power locks?
and its not just a place to put the fuse, the fuse is actually in there.
might i have power locks, but just not know it? lol

there is no lock or unlock button.. but it would be nice to install a keyless entry system.
well, by that logic.. if a fuse is blown, nothing will work.
unless you mean the power locks circuit, which would also be redundant if there is no power locks..
had to look up redundant lol
trying to look up the fuse box for your car.. you are talking about the 90 prelude si, except all data isnt trying to work right now
Most likely just a case of Honda using the same box's on all of their 3rd gens no matter what they're equipped with. Fuse is just there to complete the general fuse box circuit, I'm no electrician, just a guess.
My hatch has a spot in the fuse block for a sunroof, but my car doesnt have one. No big deal its not going to do anything if the fuse is in or out.
Yup. Find a donor car and jack the motors/solenoids, brackets, and wiring harnesses. As far as the fuse, someone probably noticed it was missing and popped one in there. Think of it as a spare.
Or you can put in aftermarket ones as well. That might be much easier than finding one with all the motors and stuff. If you did find one, I would just take both doors, much easier to plug in the connectors rather than run the wires thru the doors and into the cab.