Why Is It Not Recomended To Do Obdii In A 5th Gen

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Hey my name it ryan I have a 1993 dx coupe I want to put my motor from my totaled 00si in it but every one I talk to is like "you have to switch it to to obdI" iam like WTF! I am have a complete car to take parts from why can't you take the entire harnesses from a 00si and put them in my 93 civic granted I know obd1 is probally better but ya know what I don't have the money to swith all the garbage over to obd1 so does anyone know if it is posible to retain the obd2 in the car or does some one wanna trade there distributor and ecu for mine ? I will even give you the harness with it uncut well anyway let me know email me at poot9191@msn.com

sincerly sick of the b16 blues
Well basically it's just so much easier to swap, and tune. The OBD2 wire harness is different. All you need to make it OBD1 is a ecu, Engine harness, distributor, and injectors. If you want to you can rewire the distributor and use the injector plugs from the obd 2 harness to keep the injectors. Then you just need the ECU and engine harness. BTW there are a lot of parts from your 00Si you could trade for the stuff you need.
run an OBD-1 ECU and add the wires for VTEC

issues you will run into:
injector plugs --- just cut and solder the OBD-2 plugs onto your harness
alternator --- either re-wire the plug or "mini-me" the alternator (remove the B series head and replace it with the D-series head) i can explain more if needed
distributor --- just rewire the OBD-2 one with the wires from your OBD-1 harness (colors are different but the plug positions are the same... the bottom two wires {blue, black w/ yellow stripe....same color for OBD-1 and 2} are on a seprate plug on the OBD-1 harness) again just cut and solder

if you run a P28 ECU (possibly others) you will need a purge sensor you can get one of these off any 92-95 EX/Si (possibly others but i know for sure these models have them) wire and tube that up

that is all i can think of at the moment
good luck :) its not as hard as it might sound