Why Is Type-r 5 Lug Conversions So Hard To Find

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I want to convert my 92 HB to 5 lug to keep with my type-r theme. But i cant find any swaps and the one i did see was 1800. im sure i could by all new parts from acura for less than that. Is there a trick im missing or something i need to know? I got my JDM Type-r swap for 2300. i cant see spending 1800 on brakes. :blink:
you got a damn good deal on that type-r swap... i know alot of people who get JDM stuff and they dont even get it at that price... but yeah suspension usually runs around 1600-2000 depending on what year the suspension came from and if it comes with rims...

unless of course you find a type r and steal the suspension haha B)
JDM ITR 5 lug swaps (36mm lugs) go for 2500+ shipping all day long on honda-tech. JDM CTR 5 lug swaps (32mm lugs) are cheaper, but the CTR swap is the same as the USDM ITR 5 lug swap.

If you goto Acura, you will only be getting a 32mm lug USDM ITR swap (which is the same as the CTR 5 lug), so you will probably find a ctr or usdm itr swap cheaper than the 2500 or so a jdm itr swap goes for.

To use the JDM ITR 5 lug, you have to use accord/prelude rotors or calipers, i forget, but one of those.
Demand drives prices. About a month or so ago, there was some guy on here from Middle east area, said that ITR swaps there cost under 1500. If everyone wants something (like anything import related after Fags gone ferious) prices go up. Check out passwordjdm.com they were selling it for 1500 or so. I have no idea if this is a "exceptable" price because i have never been in the market. Y are you so stuck on that set up? It is heavier, parts are a little more expensive, ect. 5 lug ITR wheels go for a shit load and they are not worth it. For a little bit more get some wheels that are actually light, (volks, mugens, spoon ect.) For brakes, if you have drum now, steal some rear discs of an si sol or hatch from a junkyard and put them on yours.
Originally posted by B18Power@Jan 27 2003, 09:13 PM
I got my JDM Type-r swap for 2300. i cant see spending 1800 on brakes. :blink:

First off that is a damn good price for a type R swap,I might be able to match it here in Germany from a wreck,but it would take some searching.A type R long block from Honda retails for 5500+ euros,tranny 2500+euros,add all the little parts and you're easily at 10,000+.Parts for type Rs are expensive as hell especially from Honda.Also from what it seems there is more to brake upgrades depending on what you have already than just some pads and calipers,most of those conversions come with everything from the trailing arms down.
you are shopping in the wrong place.

with gunmetal wheels, or your choice of another if he has it- you can get the complete 5 plug w/ wheels for about 1500.