wich obd is a b18a


my name is Dale
ok i've read the whole engine list and it says 90-91 obd0-obd1 .wich one is it, im so confused. i want the obd0 for my crx. and if someone is selling one how do i tell wich obd it is by looking at the motor? thanks!


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90-91's are obd-0=good for crx.
look at header-1 wire 02 sensor, tells you it is obd-0, distributer plugs are cream colored not grey.(grey are obd-1)


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And the plugs are round as opposed to square/rectangle. Alos on the back of the block theres an additional sensor, if you run OBD-0 you wont need to worry about this extra sensor. If you can see hte ECU and there's a little round window on it, it's OBD-0, thats how you can read hte codes it may send.