Wifi Log In requiring web authorization help

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Cliffs: Need a bootleg to get to a browser screen to enter a code to allow wifi on my xbox.

I am at a location that requires you to open an internet explorer window, and enter a web authorization code and check off the accept terms and conditions box.
Firefox will not work for some reason but that has nothing to do with my current problem.

A couple years back I was at the same location and was able to get one of their techs to authorize a MAC address so I was able to gain access to the wifi connection and connect to xbox live.

Apparently the internet connections and wifi access has been sub'ed out to a company called hargray who won't help me at all. They claim that the hotel required them to develop a system that requires a browser log in and they are not allowed to authorize a mac address on the system. Sounds to me like someone thinks its not in their job description and told me to go pound sand.

There is also no hardline/jack in each room so I can't even get a switch or router to gain access on a laptop and then share that connection through the switch (lasy year's method). The tools I have are 1 xbox with wifi and hardline, 1 laptop with wifi and hardline, 1 netgear wireless router and 1 droid. I have been trying for the last 2 days to get the laptop to share the internet connection. I tried simply bridging the connections with the ethernet line off the laptop going directly to the xbox OR going directly to the router and then to the xbox. I've tried setting the laptop to share its internet connection with no luck. I've even tried tethering the connection off my droid but I dont have the mini usb to usb cable for the droid.

I saw online that you can use a browser on the xbox if you can connect the xbox up to a Windows Media Center PC. My laptop does have Media Center functionality, but its running XP so I need to install some Rollout 2 update that might allow me to add the xbox as an "extender".

I was also thinking that maybe when I bridge or share the connections on the laptop that I should put the hardline coming from the laptop into the source jack on the router instead of just one of the ports. My only problem with bridging or sharing the laptop connection is that I think it resets the IP address, which would they theoretically make the laptop to wifi connection inlavid and would require login all over again.

Any ideas on this?
So the 27 updates on this laptop from last night did some good.
As soon as I turned on the xbox the Win media center alerted me to the xbox and asked if I wanted to connect them, but I was trying a different experiment at the time.

So it turns out all I had to do was MAC address spoofing. I set the latop MAC address to the MAC address for the xbox. Restarted the laptop, went through the password web authorization on IE and was able to log in to xbox live.

So i'm not sure if it was the MAC address, or the fact that the laptop was set to share the internet connection and now it "saw" the xbox, but either way I can now log in and play.
Only took me about 8 hours over 3 days.
excellent work dude.

the question is, why are you staying a hotel in mongolia? trying to keep the mongolians away from your city wall?
well done! i will have to keep that in mind if I ever go on extended travel.