Wii Golf simulator build thread

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That’s how you get ants
Since there was in interest in $$ garage golf thought I would create input for cheap golf.

you already have a TV, right?

Wii console with motion plus controllers: $25-75 depending on which unit and if you actually didn't get the console for free. Motionplus controllers are more expensive than the console.

Wii sports, or sports resort: $25-40 depending on if you get it with or without free shipping?


the gameplay is pretty nice. you have to do the motions correctly for it to work properly. you can slice, whiff, and completely suck at this game even if you're a decent golfer.

if you're high-speed like me, you have a Wii U which doubles the initial entry cost of the console HOWEVER

Wii sports club golf: $10 from the nintendo store



WSCG adds onto the classic awesomeness of wii golf letting you use the Wii U touchscreen gamepad for the ball placement (it goes on the ground). aim the wiimote at the unit and adjust your swing at the TV accordingly. also the club series games, while upconverted and pretty in their new high resolution display are identical to their original counterparts in terms of actual gameplay. each sport adds a few new game modes as well.
i cant post the second gif but it's in this article.