will i need new springs with B16 swap

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if i swap a b16a1 into my 89 crx dx, will i need to get stiffer springs? i already have new eibach sportlines. I heard that the JDM crx's already have B16's from the factory, so I am hoping my springs are good enough.
Your Eibachs should be fine. I don't think that the B16 is too much heavier than the stock CRX motor.

On a side note we don't seem to have engine weights in the Engines section.
yea, i noticed that (no engine weights) :)

thanks for the info!

and in case anyone's wondering, i already am planning to upgrade the brakes :)
find me real info, and i'll be glad to put it up.

all i ever found on it was 60 lbs more than X motor or 300-450 lbs
again, shipping weight is BS. i should put my ls on a scale before i drop it in after its all built back together again- tranny and all