will I need to get a cat...

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I wanna be sedated
I've got a92 hatch with a b16 and a dc 4-2-1 header.I am going to order the apex ws cat back.Here is my question,On the vx the cat is inbetween the header and the downpipe,on the B it is after the header behind the motor.With this combo am I going to have to get a cat or will the cat back bolt up to the header?Does anyone have this combo,or know the length that i'm gonna have to fill if it doesn't.
Not trying to get in a emmissions war with the our inspection guys on post,plus want to bring the car back with me from Germany when I rotate back to the states and it has to be legal.
your gonna need a cat if you bring back to the states. get a high flow and youll be fine.
I know I need one,what I need to know is the size between the header and the end of the cat back so I can order one.