Will Pulley Kit Hurt My Reliability

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Senior Member
would a pulley kit hurt the dependability on my d16z6 and if it will not which one would be the best to get i have seen AEM and Unorthodox ones also how much HP can i expect to gain with them
they are not worth it, look for power gains elsewhere. i used an AEM alternator pulley for about 5 months, and it went through 2 alternators, i'll never use it again. only crank pulley worth getting is the mugen ctr n1 crank pulley, unless you get your aftermarket one balanced.
coulda mochine shop balance it for me and if so how much would that run and how much of a gain i also plan on lightweight flywheel also with this
if this is a daily driver it is not a good idea to start underdriving shit... yes reliabilty will suffer regardless of if you get it balanced or not
again look for power elsewhere