Winter Blues

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Anyone else driving 4x4 style on steels for the winter?
I am and I hate MT for it. This was only three weeks ago:

Now it's stock springs and 14 Coopers with hubcaps.
I can't corner worth crap, but I clear my driveway. And I can spin my tires pretty good since they're lighter than my heavy 16's. :spin:
I HATE winter, but I park mine and drive my blazer for the winter....not that I am driving my honda now anyhow, but I would if I had a motor.....
you dont need hub caps, go ghetto style. I hate winter to, now that i have a car
wow 70 degrees huh?? that must be rough its 39 in CT... you suck
it's 60 here right now but its norm about 30
it was 64 here in the great metropolus of searcy arkansas. it does not snow here, ever.
yeah the high here for tommorow is about 20-30 degrees warmer than it has been for the last few weeks.

They are saying 65 maybe :eek: im gonna need shorts lol
lol. i feel for u guys. i lived in jersey half my life. coldest it got was -12 below! so i know how much it sucks. just playin wit yas about the 70 degree winters here. it actually gets down to 50..sometimes 40 at nite :)
When I stay up in Mass once in a while during the week it is like 20 degrees out when I am going to work. Its sucks.
i would die-

i hate the heat.... 75-all the time, it woudl rule
that's san fran dude. northern cali. like fuckin' 600 miles away, we don't get that shit here. it's perfect here...besides the bullshit smog laws.