Wire Locations At Shock Tower Harnesses!

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Yesterday / Last night I unwrapped the tape / loom around the Cx engine harnesses.

I went outside and figured out which plug went where and took some pics with text to show where each of the 4 wires plug in at the harnesses on the shock towers.

You guys know I've been working on this swap for a long time and I just feel like I want to do this the best / neatest way possible (minimize the number of wires I have to run through the firewall to the ECU).

There are 4 wires on the 93 Cx & 98 GSR o2 sensors. The GSR has 2 o2's but the Eg only needs one and you will plug the other with a bolt or an o2 not wired up.

2 wires are black and go to different locations. I have no idea why Honda would use 2 of the same colored wires on the same harness. It gets better! Under the loom / tape some wires are spliced to more wires or different colored wires and continue on to the harnesses. But, since I unwrapped all the wires I know exactly where all 4 wires go to


ERROR IN TEXT -- The harnesses in the pic below is from the drivers side not the passengers side as stated on the pic

Are those all grounds on that one plug with all the yellow wires? I ask because nothing is on the other side of that harness as you can see.


ERROR IN TEXT -- The harnesses in the pic above is from the drivers side not the passengers side as stated on the pic


The text on the pics should explain which wire is which and where each harness is located, etc.... I had to describe the location of the black wire since Honda decided to use 2 for the 02 (as talked about above).

Anyhow, if you don't want to run more wires to the ECU and would prefer to splice in under the hood this is for you!

I can unwrap some of the GSR harness and tap in at these locations to wire in the o2, right????