wiring info for cd player problem

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I have a 96 civic ex.. New cd player in it... i was told in order to still use the stock security system that is in it... That the factory cd player needs to be plugged in under the dash into the t-harness....
Any ideas on how to do this.. I am electronically stupid...
if you are talking about the thing where if you remove the factory headunit, it will not work unless you have a code? thats the only security i know of on a 96 civic.... and your new aftermarket cd player will not work like that. if it is already hooked up and working correctly then your new security feature will be removing the faceplate if you park your car in the hood :p
i was told by a guy that worked at crutchfield. once the factory is out... the interior lights and alarm won't work unless that is plugged in..
who do u think that iw ould need to contact to see about getting all that to work ?
im not too sure about that one.... but i would call your local stereo shop and ask them about it.
i have a 96 civic running two tv decks my dome and security system work who hooked up you deck and hard wired or wireharness
hu? hey why do people run two or more decks I dont get it?
ps: sorry for the thread jack
2 decks....wow.

go to best buy. get the harness. then go home and color match the aftermarket adapter harness to the radio harness. then plug in the adapter harness you bought to the factory vehicle harness. then turn on the radio and be on your way.

thats why they make harnesses. plug and play fool!!!!