Wiring Madness I Need Help

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i have a 1990 civic dx from canada. i am putting the B18A1 in her. i was told to use a SI wiring harness. i did but now the plugs wont plug in. the one plug right next to the resistor box wont plug in. and i have an extra plug on the other side of the motor. if anyone can help please do. if anyone has a web site let me know. thanks.
You need to cut the wiring harness from under the dash and wire an si harness with PM6 ecu with 4 injectors instead of 2. Do you have the complete si harness.
before you cut anything....

did you do an mpfi swap?
no i didnt. i know the web site to find what i need to do, but i need to know what pin outs are what, on the plug. thanks