Wish Me Luck

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hey all, i decided to break down and apply for a car loan online. i am TRYING to see if i can get a loan to get a 93 Civic EX coupe. i should find out tomorrow if i can get the loan on it or not. i prolly wont since i have shitty credit and a repo, but its worth a shot. anyways, wish me luck...
First you need those Euro headlights you showed me :lol:

Goodluck on getting the loan bro!
the reasons i decided to do it:

1. needed something more reliable
2. that Escort needs LOTS of work
3. im sick of hearing: sell it, burn it, drive it off a cliff and why the fuck you wanna fix up an Escort?
4. Civics are the cars i have learned a shitload of things on.
5. fixed up a 4th and 6th gen, so why not a 5th?? :D
6. VTEC OWNZ J00!!!!!

those good reasons?? lol
:angry: :angry: FUCK FUCK FUCK!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!! :angry: :angry:

i got denied :(

its OK...i got that other damn check i am getting this week. maybe IF its enough, i will be able to pay cash for one :unsure: