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heres the deal. filling a stock sleeve block to handle mucho boost for under 50 dollars.

the supplies.

1. DEVCON LIQUID ALUMINUM F-2 (1 lb ) for b series ( 3/4) lb for d series
5. HACKSAW BLADE ( for measuring)
8 BEER ( optional)
9. funnel
10. level


1. gather all supplies, listed above.

2. put block on a level surface, make sure its level. if on a stand level the stand front to back and side to side.

3. take 80 grit sand paper and skuff the water jacket and sleeve so the devcon will bond when poured. after you sand it, spray with a contact cleaner to remove, oils, grit, ect.
4. take your hacksaw blade., this is your ghetto marking tool. place blade along sleeve where the water pump hole is. the end of the blade will be even with the top of the water pump hole. where the blade intersects with the deck draw a line.
that will be your measurement as to how far up to fill your jacket with salt.
5.pour salt evenly around the jacket until it meets your measurement you determine with your hacksaw measuring stick. be sure to take the blade and poke the salt to remove ait pockets and have it sit uniform.

6. after the salt is air pocket free and to the level you desire., mix your epoxy.
stir together for at least 4 minutes. after the mixture is a uniform grey color pour it through the funnel and into your jacket.

when its all poured it will look like this.

7. now after you pour the devcon, you will need to skim your finger around the top of the sleeve, to 1, even out the pour, and 2. smooth it out. and make sure none of it sits above the gaset surface. there should be a bit of sleeve uncovered at the very top, prob like 1/16 inch.

8. let the devcon sit for 4 hrs. at room temp. then for 4 hrs it must be cured at 200 degrees. i put the block and a space heater inside a big box and let it bake out. be sure to keep a close eye on it, uncase you light up the box. hehe

9. let sit for another 18 hrs after that.

10. after it is hard. take an old headgasket. lay it on top of the block, and mark the coolant holes with your sharpie.

11. drill holes in the devcon 1 size smaller than the hole in the headgasket.

12. once holes are drilled, remove the freeze plug with a 19mm.
13. take your hose, and flush the salt out of the sleeves until you see no more coming out and the water shoots out of the holes drilled in the devcon evenly.
14. replace drain plug, and oil cyl walls to prevent rust.
15. hone or bore block and assemble.

16. drinka beer to celebrate your 50 dollar filled block and all the hard boost it will endure.

brought to you by hotrex da stallion drinker.

Updated by Moderator:

A honda-tech thread link is given to show some negative results possibly resulting from the DIY blockguard.
There is no direct evidence supporting the argument that the use of the devcon blockguard was the ONLY reason for failure, but do this modification at your own risk, as can be suggested for any engine modifications.