Wtb 4th Gen Hatch Or Crx

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well i tore my car down to do a ls conversion was fixixng to send it to the body shop for paint and all and found out it has a crack in the shock tower with rust cancer in it so if anybody out in the forum land can help i live in louisiana and need a 4th gen shell or crx body no motor just clean title thanks to all who give me a hand probably some where around the 4/500.00 dollar mark cheap as possible cause i am going down to the firewall with it complete color change then back up (turbovw@bellsouth.net)
:worthy: :D :(
umm my step bro's 91 civic dx just died like the other day (sunday). I am not sure if it is for sale yet or if they are just going to dump a si motor or something into it cheaply. I will pm you if for sale, has straight body and all, only 62k on it, and they would probably only let it go for like 700 or so.
90 SI for sale and a 89 rex. look at my post. or call 651.226.4326 ask for clint say you saw this on hondaswap.
possibly a 91 dx hatch for sale with blown head gasket... needs paint.. let me know if your interested.. also make offer
well thanks for all the input i found one in town for 100.00 clear title just gotta bring him whats left of the motor when i tear it apart :rolleyes: ;) :huh: