wtb: 92-95 civic cluster ex,si manual

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im looking for a 92-95 civic cluster ex,si (the one with the tach in the cluster) and a manual one. if anyone has one lying around or whatever pm, email. whatever, just let me know
If you dont have a junkyard close to you, go on eBay, I am looking for one as well, and I found 5 of them in good condition. I would put up the links, but I am lazy as hell.
yea ive looked there. the junkyards around me, either dont have it, its auto, or they want insane(dealer) prices andi just dont like dealing with ebay..i have this fear of getting fucked. or the shit not working. i'll go to ebay for a last resort.
try a1 import auto parts in N. Lima Ohio - he's probably got it some where. 1.330.549.3936 and usually he's dirt cheap. Of course, I think it depends on the mood he's in.