Wtb: Aem Mounting Hardware

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hey guys i got a used aem CAI for my car, but i need a few more of those rubber sleeves that connect the pipes together. see i had to get a lil creative to make it fit. and aem does not make one that will work for what i need. but i just need some of those sleeves. i tried home depot and shit, but aem uses a 2 1/2" pipe and they dont have what i need in that size. i even tried a plumbing wharehouse and they dont have one either. so if anyone has AEM ones or knows where i can get aem ones, i would appreciate it. thanks.
ttt, cmon, someone has to know where i can find some of these. no one sells 2 1/2" pipe fittings. thanks
I would try contacting AEM, and explaining your problem...who knows they might be nice enough to send you some of those fittings...Other than that I have no idea as to where you vould get some.