wtb: b series intake manifold

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need a intake manifold that will work on a b16 motor not first gen stuff though... i will consider all manifold as long as all sensors on throttle body and manifold are in working condition. I would perfer itr or ctr but anything that would allow my car to run would be great! thanks
( I am looking to spend no more then 250 shipped)
I have a B16a2 2000 si intake manifold with everything on it TB, Sensors, fuel rail, etc. $150 shipped
I got a JDM B16 intake manifold. Im not sure if the sensors and all that are intact becuase its at my moms garage cause i don't have room here but i can check it out. It does work though and it IS JDM. Im in San Francisco so juss e-mail me back if you're interested.